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The Arnold Law Group in the Community

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

The Arnold Law Group, based in Orlando, Florida, is a firm specializing in personal injury cases, dedicated to serving the community through a rigorous pursuit of justice as well as community involvement. A husband and wife legal team known for their expertise as well as their personalized client service, Rhiannon Arnold Rogers and Walter L. Rogers are driven to serve and give back to the community in every facet of their practice and lives. As a former public defender and a criminal defense attorney, Rhiannon and Walter bring years of experience serving their clients and persevering for justice within our courts and legal system. They bring a genuine desire to improve the lives of their clients in every way possible to their practice, combining expertise and empathy in their approach to legal service.

The Arnold Law Group’s dedication to service is apparent the moment you enter their spacious and comfortable Orlando Florida office, which offers free coffee and legal advice during business hours. With convenient weekday hours from 8:30am – 5:30pm, and free initial consultations, the Arnold Law Group will make your experience as welcoming and hassle-free as possible. They also offer free over-the-phone case evaluations, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with them any time you have a potential legal issue. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves to have their voice heard, the Arnold Law Group makes sure their clients have caring and experienced representation in every stage of their case. Don’t take matters into your own hands— let the Arnold Law Group’s skill and experience represent your interests.

Even after leaving their offices, the Arnold Law Group’s dedication to helping the Orlando community is apparent— the group provided neighborhood traffic warnings to help Orlando drivers avoid ticket traps and accidents. The Arnold Law Group is serious about helping the Orlando community be its very best— from their offices, to the neighborhoods, and the open road!

In addition to their dedication to their own clients and potential clients, the Arnold Law Group is driven to help build and grow the larger Orlando community. Driven to be active within and serve the community, the Arnold Law Group is always interested in investing in local community events and working with other organizations that are equally dedicated to public service. From hosting fun-filled events with community partners for children and families, to providing the best legal services possible to their clients, and regularly donating to Orlando based non-profits and charities, the Arnold Law Group is an active member of our Orlando family, and is dedicated to making Greater Orlando the best city it can be. They are trusted and much loved locally, with many satisfied clients represented in our local constituency. The Arnold Law Group believes that being an active member of the community is the key to building genuine relationships and helping people live positive and productive lives. They are a more than just a law firm, they are a valued member of the community. The Arnold Law Group is there for Orlando in times of trouble and times of celebration.

The Arnold Law Group believes that everyone deserves rigorous, caring, and personalized legal representation in the event of accident or injury, and they are dedicated to listening to their clients’ issues and reflecting sound legal advice. Rhiannon and Walter both carry this philosophy with them from their practice into their public and private lives. They approach their law practice and lives with a desire to make the world a better, safer, and more just place, beginning with roots in the local community and helping that community and client base grow and thrive through active involvement.

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