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Our Team



Jaileene De La Rosa joined The Arnold Law Group in October of 2020. Jaileene has become an integral part of the firm and hasn’t looked back. Upon joining our team she quickly took on the role of assisting with translating for all of the firm’s Spanish speaking clientele. Combining her talents for marketing with her charismatic personality made it an easy fit for Jaileene to handle ALG’s marketing. She currently assists with the litigation matters from discovery to scheduling.  Aiding the rest of our team when and where she is needed, her drive to consistently help others shines bright. She strives to live by the quote “Teamwork makes the dream work”!



Cheryl Hooper has been with Arnold Law Group since January of 2019. Cheryl handles all pre-suit matters from intake all the way through pre-suit demand. With decades of legal experience, extensive medical knowledge of injuries and how they affect clients after an accident, Cheryl is an asset to every case that she works on.  She helps our clients understand all the necessary steps needed while navigating the sometimes confusing and frustrating process of dealing with an auto accident claim.

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