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Behind the ALG Expansion to Pensacola

Updated: Jun 23, 2021


We all have a connection to the place where we grew up, and Rhiannon is no different. Born and raised in Pensacola, Rhiannon has always felt that the city holds a special place in her life, even after moving away after high school, first to pursue her education in Alabama and then to Tallahassee before settling in Orlando to start her career. It was in Orlando that she met her husband and law partner Walter, built The Arnold Law Group, and started a family.

Though Orlando has become a wonderful home to Rhiannon and her family, a part of her has always remained in Pensacola, where most of her family lives to this day. Especially after Rhiannon and Walter’s daughters, Madalann and Maisan, were born, it became increasingly important for them to make Pensacola a part of their family dynamic. This then grew from a desire to be near family into a calling for their careers.

Fully relocating their family from Orlando to Pensacola wasn’t feasible, but with the dynamic of legal practice changing with the onslaught of Covid, unforeseen opportunities for expansion arose. Suddenly, every courtroom in the State of Florida was virtual, and legal matters became accessible from anywhere. With this shift, the dream of a Pensacola branch of The Arnold Law Group suddenly became possible. Walter and Rhiannon did not hesitate, building a new practice in a 100-year-old historic schoolhouse in the Old East Hill District of Pensacola.

Now, Rhiannon, Walter, and their team are all thrilled to be able to help the people of Pensacola and give back to Rhiannon’s beloved hometown. Pensacola gave more to Rhiannon than she could ever express and continues to bring joy to her and her family to this day.

Rhiannon, her family, and her practice are to return to enjoy a slice of heaven on the Emerald coast. From sandy white beaches, flyovers from the Blue Angels, and Friday nights under the Five Flags Speedway, to the new, vibrant downtown corridor, Sunday suppers with family, and the opportunity to assist the residents of this incredible city, Rhiannon is overjoyed to be back.

If you are in Orlando or Pensacola and are in need of legal assistance, we want to help! Give us a call at (407) 246-1950 for help in Orlando or (850) 979-4-ALG for help in Pensacola.

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